let's get to know each other

Hi! I'm Valeria,

I'm captivated by the idea of unveiling the true essence of people, capturing raw emotions and genuine beauty. I find inspiration in the authenticity of life's moments, the joys they bring, and the heartfelt emotions they encompass. With every click of the shutter, we start a conversation—a dialogue between your heart and the world.

Photography - a means to capture your special moments and true emotion - this is my passion

My career has been dedicated to the realms of art and creativity, with extensive experience in both photography and artist management within the entertainment industry. I enjoy showcasing inner beauty, evoking deep emotions, and narrating the unique stories of individuals through the lens of my camera.Photography, to me, is not confined to images alone; it's a creative journey that fills me with immense joy.


I collaborate closely with my clients to ensure they feel completely at ease during our sessions, allowing them to embrace their true selves in a relaxed manner. Together, we craft unforgettable memories that go beyond mere snapshots; it's about creating and capturing moments of pure joy in the process.

Let's create together